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Khaliid Johnson.  Freshman @ Southside High School

I am better as a student-athlete because of many of the lessons I've learned through disclipine and training practices (academic & athletic) @ CEE. CEE is my family!

4 Time State Boxing Champion, Former Silver Gloves Champion, Former Paul Murphy Champion, Former Georgia Games Champion(2), National Ranking # 5th 


You are my family and I appreciate all the hard work and time that is put in so that I can be the best that I can be. I work hard but I work harder when I am at the Center and that translates over into my boxing matches! I am a champion, in great part, because of CEE Greenville Boxing-So, thank you!

Ernie Cuevas, Jr. Silver Gloves Champion & Elite Jr. Boxer

Christ Church Episcopal High School

Sophomore-Honors Student

Former Ringside World Champion, 3-time Paul Murphy Champion, 3 time State Silver Gloves Champion, national Ranking-2nd


Since we began your program in March, 2013, we have seen a significant change in my daughter's concentration & focus on court as a top ranked SC USTA & high school tennis player. She always played pretty well but often lost control emotionally and dealt with self-defeating mindset as a hinderance. Now, this rarely occurs. Thanks for your work and effort!

Dawn, Parent of MVP & All-Region #1 Tennis Player & Elite Athlete/Student at Southside-Nadia Hilton-Adams

Nadia's a student @ Southisde IB High School

Senior-Honors & IB Student